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Starring: Van Vicker, Ruth Kadiri, Daniel Lloyd, Monique Samuel

Dave overhears his fiancée admit she’s only interested in his wealth and it was game on as he set out to teach her a lesson.

Dave and I.T. (Van Vicker & Ruth Kadiri) seemed to have a loving relationship but underneath it all were vile intentions. Dave was a successful man who overheard I.T. confess to her girlfriend that her only interest in him was money. Needless to say he was disheartened and unsure of how to proceed.

Instead of confronting her, Dave went through with the plan to marry her and then decided to play her game. He pretended he was broke causing her to believe her plan to achieve wealth had backfired. But the charade turned out to benefit both of them.

Let’s Talk. This is a romantic comedy where a couple played games with each other. The question became whether I.T.’s love of money was stronger than her love for Dave. Her worst nightmare came to fruition when she believed she was trapped in a marriage to a poor man.

The one thing that I noticed was that Ruth Kadiri and Van Vicker had the identical character names from the “Black Bride” movie. Apparently this is the prequel to that story but the movies were not labeled as such.

There was a subplot in the story that dealt with a gateman and his marital issues. These scenes required language subtitles and were nothing but screaming matches that watered down the story. The movie suffered greatly when Van and Ruth took back burner and clearly, there wasn’t enough of story for them which was why screen time was allotted for co-stars.

The story itself was inept. We have a man find out that his fiancée only wanted his money and then he marries her anyway? Couldn’t he play his game without the marriage? And then the reason the woman decided she really loved her husband felt disingenuous. The anchor to the story was Dave’s love for his wife, which disappeared for most of the movie.

Furthermore, the movie is titled “Who Cheats More” but the story wasn’t about cheating in the sense of infidelity and that’s what it insinuates. But in all fairness, the word ‘cheat’ does relate to deception, and the couple was definitely guilty of that.

Performances were the only thing that rocked. I actually like Van and Ruth together. There’s a certain energy that bounces between them that makes them likable and believable which, in this case, was amazing because they played such treacherous characters.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing dynamic about this movie. It’s a cliché premise that was basically a reshuffling of romantic comedies we’ve already seen. EJECT

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