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Starring: Michael Godson, Segun Arinze, Tamara Eteimo, Sophie Alakija

A budding romance headed to the altar is marred by events from the past.

On an evening devoted to cocktails and single women, Demola (Michael Godson) found himself attracted to the hired help. Nkechi (Sophie Alakija) filled in as a cook in place of her aunt and lucky for her, she ended up with a new boyfriend – a wealthy boyfriend.

Demola pursued Nkechi while his father tried to hook him up with a woman from a prominent family. But Demola was stuck on Nkechi and the day came when she met his mother and she realized their families were connected due to an ordeal that took place in the past.

Let’s Talk. This is a sleep inducing romantic drama that’s sure to get you snoring. It’s boy meets girl, girl resists boy, boy and girl finally become an item but with a threat to their relationship. By the way, the boy was rich and the girl was poor which is another overused theme. 

The issue was that we had to watch Demola court Nkechi at a painstakingly but slooow pace. And although I can appreciate the careful development of the relationship because it allowed us to get to know the characters, the dry, on the nose dialogue made me want to jump off the Empire State building. Demola was supposed to be a billionaire and an engineer but that wasn’t evident from his conversations.

The conflict in the story had to do with a painful experience that transpired years ago between their parents. The friction presented a divergent twist, however, Demola’s mother seemed to be well past it so it became clear that it wouldn’t be an issue.

After suffering through bland dialogue and a sedating pace the movie suddenly had lightening speed when the couple got married and then had a baby in the very next scene. Happily ever after syndrome? Tsk, tsk.

The truth of the matter is that the story was dull and lacked sufficient emotion to sustain my interest. The characters were so-so and the only thing that can be said for the Demola character was that he stood his ground when his friend tried to manipulate him into treating women like sex objects.

The Nkechi character (Sophie Alakija) was basically boring. She displayed spunk in her first scene and decelerated from there. I’m not familiar with this actress but those of you familiar with TAM reviews know that I am pro-actor. I’m all for giving actors time to hone their skills but sometimes constructive criticism is necessary. I look forward to watching her and others grow within the industry.

Overall, there was a cast of worthy talent but they weren’t enough to pull off such a drab story. EJECT

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2 Comments on "A TIME TO HEAL"

  • Nomfundo Shange

    The movie was kinda ok but it could have been more interesting considering the actors. As for Inkenchi; she was really boring; loved the movie though. The best part for me was the music, especially at the end of the movie. Please tell me who the artist is so I can buy his music; well I’m from South Africa. I love ROK by the way.

    • TalkAfricanMovies

      Hi Nomfundo, you seem to have enjoyed the movie. As for the music, please check the movie credits. I don’t have further info.

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