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Starring: Ruth Kadiri, Kenneth Okolie, Seun Akindele


A marriage begins to crack when a housewife neglects personal hygiene causing her husband to look elsewhere for love. 

The movie opens up to the troubled marriage between Bernie and Laurie. Bernie (Kenneth Okolie) refused to let Laurie (Ruth Kadiri) work and as a result she lost her identity. Without a career, Laurie stayed at home and became bored. Boredom led to laziness and then depression. She failed to take showers, personal grooming went astray, and housekeeping became a thing of the past.

Bernie was disgusted with Laurie and sex was out of the question. He soon met another woman that he fell in love with. When Laurie refused to move out, Bernie moved his new girlfriend into his matrimonial home. This was devastating for Laurie but shortly after she rediscovered a past love that caused Bernie to rethink his actions.

Let’s Talk. This is a comedy about a marriage that fell apart. The kicker was that as soon as Laurie found another man, her husband became jealous and wanted her back. Yeah, yeah, yeah…we’ve heard this story before. 

The conflict was that Laurie sank so low in depression that showers took a backseat and she began to stink. The question becomes how long should couples adhere to “for better or worse?” Should a spouse have to put up with a partner that smells? Should a woman give up her career for a marriage? What are the limitations?

There were humorous moments such as when Laurie tried to make love with her husband and he kicked her to the curb. A husband refusing sex? That’s a problem! Also funny was Laurie’s attitude. She felt she found a husband so there was no longer a need to look good. Lol.

Actually, the movie was similar to “Dumebi the Dirty Girl,” a Nigerian movie where Mercy Johnson played a disheveled woman seeking to reunite with her son’s father. The Dumebi movie was more engaging with a number of sequels. 

As for performances, Ruth Kadiri overacted. After awhile, digging up her nose and scratching became overkill. We get it. The character was filthy. Too many theatrics made the character feel forced. If she were truly absorbed in the role she wouldn’t have needed to keep proving it by over playing the mannerisms of the character.

Surprisingly, Ruth was compatible with Kenneth Okolie and they were believable as a married couple. 

As for technical issues, sound was not the greatest. My television had to be turned up to volumes unknown and the dialogue still wasn’t that clear.

Ultimately, the movie downgraded from funny to unbelievable when Bernie fell in love with another woman. He knew her for all of two minutes and moved her into his home with his wife? Really?? Hmm… Although this was a light-spirited movie with humor as the backdrop, the story and its main character were unconvincing. EJECT

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