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Starring: Ini Edo, Seun Akindele

A patient said to be a dangerous criminal is hospitalized and mesmerizes the nurse caring for him.

Anna (Ini Edo), was employed as a nurse. As a single woman with a boring social life, she was all about the care of her patients. 

She met Hector (Seun Akindele) when he was admitted to the hospital after he injured himself jumping out of a building. The circumstances were unknown at the time and mysterious. The two became acquainted and had a mutual romantic interest but the police warned her to beware of him due to his criminal past.

The subplot dealt with Anna’s mother who suffered from mid-life crisis. She was an older woman turned playgirl and Anna was often embarrassed by her shenanigans.

Let’s Talk. The movie is called “The Patient” but the patient almost became the subplot. So much time was spent on the love life of Anna’s mother that it resulted in an underdeveloped romance between her and the main character.

Basically, there were three stories: one with the patient/nurse relationship, the other with a woman entertaining boy toys, and third, a doctor attempting to propose to a nurse. The numerous storylines were responsible for constant shifts in the tone with narratives that failed to coalesce.

There were plenty of errors and questions to contend with. For instance, Hector, the patient, walked himself to the hospital while injured and then he became unconscious?? How theatrical! The next thing we know, he’s in his hospital room working out and in the hallway conversing with the nurses. Wow. Talk about a speedy recovery. Didn’t he injure his leg? The least the filmmakers could have done was give him a set of crutches to make his condition look authentic.

Furthermore, the very first scene featuring a movie shoot was baffling. What was the point? And all I can say about the plot with the doctor trying to propose to a nurse is who cares???

Speaking of nurses, they were all so unprofessional! In what hospital are nurses flirting with patients to that extent? Did a nurse really divulge personal information about a doctor to a patient? And what doctor examines patients without wearing a lab coat? And since when are they so rude?

What about medical equipment? The barren hospital room made the production look low budget but I guess it worked with the cheap story. Patient/nurse romances are far from original and tired. Now, to be fair, there was a decent plot twist but it was difficult to appreciate after watching so much nonsense, most of which was employed to throw viewers off the trail, but instead became a nuisance. 

Performances? Ini Edo and Seun Akindele are capable actors but they didn’t seem compatible. There were no pitter patter moments and there was one worthless kiss at the end.

Needless to say this movie wasn’t the best. Better writing and medical research was certainly lost in this production. EJECT

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