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Starring: Korto Davis, Kofi Adjorlolo, Jeffery Nortey, Little Daisy Amankwa, Chi Chi Neblett


A loony maid puts up with being mistreated by her employer until she finds love in the most precarious situation.


Everyone thought Juliana (Korto Davis) was crazy and stupid. She worked as a maid and constantly annoyed the family that employed her. She was rude to their guests, barged into bedrooms, and behaved quite strangely. In turn, her boss (Kofi Adjorlolo), along with his daughter, were often verbally abusive to her. 

Behind closed doors, Juliana had an unhealthy obsession with Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson. It became evident that she wasn’t so dumb when her boss propositioned her following an illicit dream about her. Although he woke up mortified he still attempted to make the dream a reality. Juliana rejected his advances and insisted that he marry her before she ever took such a step.  

Her boss assumed she would be easy and his feelings of rejection led to his attempt to frame her for stealing money that he planted in her bedroom. But she was a step ahead of him and threatened to tell his daughter about his sexual shenanigans if he pulled any more tricks.  

The next thing we know, Juliana was mistaken for her boss’ daughter and kidnapped. There was no way her boss was going to pay the ransom for her return and this marked the conflict. 

Let’s Talk. This is a comedy that was pretty funny. I initially thought it would be a flop but I was happily proved wrong. 

Korto Davis who played the lead role wrote the screenplay. The writing was apt in that she created a role that showcased her acting and comic abilities. 

The overall story wasn’t deep but that’s okay because comedies don’t necessarily require depth. There were some aspects of the story that were far-fetched but it was a character driven piece that had some hilarious, knee-slapping, moments. 

As mentioned above, the Juliana character (Korto Davis) was a big fan of actress, Mercy Johnson. Korto (the actress) reminded me of Mercy in that her look and comedic nature was similar to characters that Mercy has played in her career.  

Performances? Korto Davis was the show. She displayed two distinct characters in the story and she also wrote decent roles for her co-stars, Kofi Adjorlolo and Little Daisy Amankwa. 

As for technical issues, video and sound were adequate although some of the music choices were questionable.

The story concluded with a bit of unpredictability but I didn’t really care for the fairytale ending. Overall it was time well spent and it’s a high five to Ms. Korto Davis or should I say Ms.“Better Days Ahead.” (Those who have seen the movie will understand this reference. Tee-hee). RECOMMEND 

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  • JJ

    What store can this movie be found?

    • JJ

      Talk African Movies not to worry I found it..yeess.

      • JJ

        Forgot to mention this one is coming also..ordered it today.

        • TalkAfricanMovies

          JJ, you are on a roll with these movies! This one actually made me laugh. Can’t wait for you to watch it. For anyone interested in purchasing this movie you can find it at this link for as long as supplies last.

          • JJ

            Oh yea can’t wait to get this one.

  • JJ

    Damn!..are you kidding me? I just watched this one..had me cracking up and Juliana as the maid was hot to me but then the change at the end wow. I love a good comedy glad I got this one.

    • TalkAfricanMovies

      Oh, you got it? That was fast! Great. Yeah, this one was hilarious. I wouldn’t mind watching it again.

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