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Starring: Ruth Kadiri, Bolanle Ninalowo, Moyo Lawal

A woman experiences weird dreams about her deceased boyfriend and sets out to investigate the past. 

Catherine (Ruth Kadiri) resided in a convent for two years after the death of her boyfriend, Daniel (Bobby Anderson). She was disturbed by strange dreams that she had of him and she coincidentally received a visit from his brother, Oscar (Bolanle Ninalowo). He informed her that Daniel willed most of his assets to her and she left the convent to look into it.

While Catherine stayed in Oscar’s home, she felt an unexplained animosity from his relatives. It turned out that Catherine was once a pawn in a love triangle between Daniel and Oscar. The brothers were rivals and now that Daniel was deceased, Oscar planned to have Catherine all to himself…but there were obstacles.

Let’s Talk. This is a story of evil, revenge, and sibling rivalry. It follows Catherine, a woman who escaped her troubles and played it safe by joining a nunnery. Her peaceful life was disrupted by Oscar, a man who long carried a torch for her.

But not everything was what it seemed and as the story peeled off layers, Catherine learned of secrets and lies along with the audience. The conflict between the brothers was worse than she ever knew and Oscar was borderline crazy because of it.

What was a bit disturbing was how naive Catherine was. If she were having strange dreams about Daniel and then his mother said he was murdered, then you would think she would have more questions instead of just blindly absorbing and accepting everything. Maybe a part of her was glad Daniel was dead so that she could carry on with his brother. Who knows…

Without giving too much away, there was a “prisoner” who resided in Oscar’s home for years. Why didn’t she call the police about her missing child? How much longer was she going to accept the bs? Also, it wasn’t clear why the mother felt hostility toward Catherine but not toward Tiffany (Moyo Lawal). Her behavior was more trifling than Catherine’s.

The “tangled web” wasn’t difficult to unravel because it was obvious early on who the culprit was. What we couldn’t guess was all the back story and deception between the characters. 

Once all the cards were on the table, the story did seem a bit convoluted. There was so much infidelity going on that Catherine’s part in it had little value. She was a puppet in a love triangle and a mere tool that the writer used to divulge the story.

Furthermore, there were dialogue errors such as when Ruth Kadiri said she was the “executioner” of the will instead of the “executor.” But on an up note, there were humorous scenes such as the one where Moyo asked Bolanle if Catherine, a wannabe nun, said a prayer before sex.

The cast was pretty good. Ruth Kadiri and Bolanle Ninalowo make a good pair as they did in “Gateman.” As for Moyo Lawal, there were moments when she was a little over the top but she’s always captivating to watch.

In terms of audio and video, there were intermittent issues with sound. Some of the microphones needed to be repositioned or replaced. Video was decent.

Overall, the essence here was deception and hypocrisy. It was a bit melodramatic at times but an easy watch. RECOMMEND

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