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Starring: Nadia Buari, Gbenro Ajibade, Roslyn Ngissah

A one night sexual encounter turns awkward when the two wind up working at the same firm and become rivals.

While hanging out one evening with a co-worker, Soma (Nadia Buari) met Greg (Gbenro Ajibade) for the first time. After some small talk the two ended the night in her bed.

Soma worked as a Senior Manager and she later learned that another manager was being transferred to her office. That person coincidentally turned out to be Greg, her one night stand.

The two were unaware that they were employed by the same firm and the next time they saw each other was at a board meeting. They pretended they didn’t know each other and not only did they bump heads on business, Soma later learned she was pregnant and that Greg had a fiancée.

Let’s Talk. This is a story about parties of a one night affair that unintentionally extended their relationship thanks to their jobs. Not exactly an original story idea and it fell short on entertainment.

First off, the scene where Soma and Greg met at work after their affair fell flat. The Greg character should have had a moment of surprise to see Soma. He entered the room as though he knew she was there and he went right into a competitive spirit. It wasn’t a believable interaction between the characters based on the circumstances and it was a pivotal scene that should have propelled the story forward but didn’t.

In order for the story to work the main characters should have had a potent chemistry but that wasn’t the case. Even the make out scene was disjointed and awkward and didn’t generate any sizzle.

Also bothersome was the scene when Soma discovered she was pregnant. She couldn’t fathom how she got pregnant and then it hit her that she slept with Greg. How is it possible that she forgot she slept with Greg when he was in her face everyday at the office? Come on now…

Soma’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy caused shame to her family but in a world where the term “baby mama” is common, the family’s interference and attempt to force a marriage seemed old school and overkill.

Making matters worse was the background music. It was horrible. Not only were the choices mismatched with the scenes, it was often too loud and competed with the dialogue.

What the movie did well was to open up a discussion about abortion. Ancient topic but still valid. Soma felt the decision to abort was strictly hers because it involved her body but Greg believed he had rights as the father. Should men have a say in whether a woman has an abortion?

Performances. Not much to report. Nadia Buari played the lead and brought her understated approach to acting while Roselyn Ngissah’s character incorporated a little pizzazz. The remaining cast didn’t leave a lasting impression.

As for technical stuff, as mentioned above, the music was amateur.  Video sufficed.

The filmmakers attempted to reinstitute family values but overall, it had little to no impact. EJECT

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  • JJ

    Ok another bomb..I’ve read other comments about this movie..half of it is on youtube and I sho won’t waste my time too many other good movies to choose from.

    • TalkAfricanMovies

      Hey Love, yep, another reject. 🙁

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