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Starring: Omotola Jalade Ekiende, Kenneth Okonkwo, Emeka Rollas, Joe Nwodo

Synopsis: A dead woman returns to earth in spirit to intercept a wicked plan to kill her husband.   


Nduko (Kenneth Okonkwe) made a good life for himself. He started a business in the city that turned out to be very fruitful. Money wasn’t an issue and whenever he visited his family in the village, he was generous enough to bring gifts. 

Not everyone in Nduko’s family was happy for him. His success stirred resentment and his father pushed his two brothers to get a share of his “pie.” A plot was hatched where the jealous brothers would work for Nduko’s company, learn the ropes, and then kill him in order to inherit the business.

Nduko unwittingly encouraged the plan when he employed his brothers and allowed them to live in the house that he shared with his wife, Naomi (Omotola Ekiende). 

Over a period of two years, Nduko’s business mysteriously went downhill and since Naomi was an accountant, it was decided that the brothers would report to her at the end of each month. 

One of the brothers, Daniel (Joe Nwodo) mistakenly gave Naomi a report that contained documents that exposed their embezzlement of funds. They had covertly used Nduko’s money to purchase land and new cars and when they tried to recover the report, they failed.

Fear set in and the brothers believed Naomi would tell Nduko about their side investments when he returned from traveling. To prevent this, they decided that she had to be eliminated. They hired a local hit man, took Naomi to the woods, and she was brutally stabbed to death. 

When Nduko returned he was informed that his wife was missing. He couldn’t understand it and there was no logical explanation. The police got involved but it was Naomi’s actions that protected her husband from his scheming brothers when she mysteriously returned to the earth in spirit. 

Let’s Talk. This is a heart-wrenching story about greed and love. Two brothers set out to kill their eldest brother but it was love that dismantled the plan. 

The movie is prime example of what story execution should look like. Within thirty minutes it was clear what the movie was about and sustaining viewer interest was effortless. 

The story had a transcendental nature in that Naomi’s spirit met other spirits and she even met a prophet that was stuck between the spiritual and physical world. The plot focused on Naomi’s limited time to get a message to her husband before her spirit left the actual earth. 

The story’s journey was about justice and the only loose end was that the hired hit man and Nduko’s father didn’t pay for their sins. However, love prevailed because unlike the body, true love never dies and the spirit lives on forever.

Performances? Up to snuff. Kenneth Okonkwe and Omotola Ekiende both had moments that tugged at the heart. They were convincing as a loving couple although they barely had scenes that displayed affection. 

Ideally, “Naomi” is a captivating tale that compels one to wonder about mortality and beyond. RECOMMEND 

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  • JJ

    Awww man I hit pay dirt with this one and no I do not remember this movie. I was lucky enough to find it on youtube and whatta winner. This movie will grab your attention from beginning to end ..storyline A+..all star cast..great production nothing but a winner.

    • TalkAfricanMovies

      Wow, lucky you. Yes, this one is a classic.

  • JJ

    Yeeaa I gotta give you have been on da money with the vintage movies as well and this is one I’m gonna get for my collection.

  • TalkAfricanMovies

    Hey JJ,

    Thanks for the compliments and for checking out the site. Much love.

    • JJ

      I found this original copy but I’m waiting until the store get things set up.

      • TalkAfricanMovies

        You’re really lucky with finding these old movies!

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