Talk African Movies keeps it simple. We provide a synopsis, a review, and then get to the point – RECOMMEND or EJECT. We do not give scores but we do utilize a star system.  As for criteria, it is NOT based on the following:


Movies, African or otherwise, do NOT have to be original; they have to be captivating. There are many movies that have “recycled” themes that are actually entertaining. The American movie market happens to be the number one offender of repetition. Hollywood would rather remake a movie with proven box office success than to take a chance on an original movie. “Charlie’s Angels”, “Dream Girls,” and “King Kong” are a few successful remakes and sales figures show that people are not tired of them.

The African movie industry has “borrowed” a few concepts. “The Prince’s Bride” was similar to Hollywood’s “Ghost” where a deceased woman comes back to earth in spirit. “A Night with Her” shared the same storyline as Hollywood’s “Indecent Proposal.” These titles, original and remade versions, are entertaining movies. 

We understand that some filmmakers are inspired by old movies and want to put a new spin on them. The problem is that if the original movie is not improved upon then it’s a double whammy – copied and not good. This only leads to viewer disappointment.

The film audience for the most part is a forgiving one and will accept a “recycled” idea if the movie is engaging. If viewers are intrigued for the duration of a movie, then it’s mission accomplished. Of course, original movies are needed in any movie industry and will garner more respect but original doesn’t always equate to good.


We try not to report on picture and sound quality unless it’s significantly superior or inadequate. It is a given that every movie should have satisfactory video and audio. There should be no need in this day and age to ever report on this, especially due to today’s improved equipment. The African movie industry has had problems in this area but hopefully it’s a thing of the past as producers continue to improve upon the essence of quality movie making. 


We can only hope that the professionals in the other departments of a production will get it right. Of course, if we notice something out of the ordinary we will mention it. Other than that we leave these categories to the movie award shows. Although these areas are integral parts of a movie production they’re not deciding factors on whether someone would watch a movie or not.


The truth of the matter is that most movies are not great, they’re good. The expectation that every movie should be grand is unrealistic. Here at Talk African Movies we hope for a captivating story with adequate direction and good acting.

The script is the blueprint to any production. Without screenwriters there is no movie. It is the talent of the writer that enables actors to imitate and translate life onto the big screen. Writers create the characters we see and actors connect to and breathe life into them.

The Director is responsible for the entire project. The Director must share the same vision as the Writer and they are responsible for what the audience sees on the screen. Their input is needed for casting, camera direction, locations, sound, lighting, music, and postproduction. There are many instances where the Director and Writer are one and the same. With the help of a good Editor, the movie is pieced together and the pace, look, and feel of the movie comes to fruition. So it’s these combined factors that we evaluate – writing, direction, and performances.

Ultimately, we want to watch movies that subdue us, trigger our emotions, and allow us to connect with our favorite movie stars. If the production components are pieced together well we will recommend that movie to our readers.   


The star system defines our reviews as follows:

5 Stars = Excellent

4 Stars = Very Good

3 Stars = Average/Good

2 Stars = Disappointment (but had potential)

1 Star = Complete Waste of Time

Remember that movie reviews are only an opinion and yours matters. Feel free to post your opinion in the comments section or email us.

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