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Starring: Tina Mba, Amaechi Muonager, Lilian Esoro, Adeniyi Johnson, Kenneth Okolie

An engaged couple dreads introducing their families due to tribal differences but the family discord delved way beyond nationality.

Ify and Dayo weren’t looking for love or problems but that’s what crossed their paths. They met and fell in love, but their difference in tribes caused controversy among their parents.

Ify’s father was against her marrying Dayo, a Yoruba man, while his mother refused to accept an Igbo woman. When their parents finally met, lo and behold, they actually knew each other thanks to an old dispute that was instantly reignited.

Let’s Talk. This movie was about tribal discrimination and a deep-rooted conflict between two families. The love interests, played by Lilian Esoro and Adeniyi Johnson, wanted to bridge the gap between their parents but they instead found themselves embroiled in a bitter feud.

What was notable in the story was that no one had a valid reason for despising the opposing tribe. The character dialogue on this topic was nonsensical generalizations. It’s not apparent whether this was the writer’s lack of depth or whether it was art imitating life because in reality, when it comes to prejudice and racism, people often can’t or won’t elaborate on the reason for their disdain. At the core, it’s inherently stale and taught hatred that carries over from one generation to the next.

The story recounted the Yoruba woman’s bad experience with an Igbo man and that was the end of Igbo people for her. That happens a lot in life where a person blames an entire nationality for the mistake of one person. In this case it was discrimination within the race which can be just as volatile as racism in general.

Ultimately, we were blessed with a happy ending but the movie neglected to mention the compromises that have to be made in marriages when parties are from different cultures.

But to flip the script for a bit, this movie was funny! The arguments were a blast and listening to the parents tell their side of the story was hilarious. It’s comical how people can have different accounts of the same circumstance!

As for performances, the movie boasted seasoned actors in Amaechi Muonagor and Tina Mba, who undoubtedly stole the show. Her character was immersed in emotions beyond reason, thus, a robust role for her to play.

At the core, a tribal conflict launched another abject conflict that waited years to be rectified. The story was a journey of indifference to forgiveness that showed true love can break barriers. RECOMMEND

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