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Title: ALL THAT GLITTERS (1 & 2)

Starring:  Grace Johnson, Alexx Ekubo, Ini Edo, Uru Eke, Perez Egbi


An unemployed man finally lands a job that promises to enhance life for his family but instead his marriage goes downhill when he becomes intimately involved with a co-worker.


Ini and Collins have been together for ten years. When= Collins (Alexx Ekubo) was unemployed, Ini (Grace Johnson) took care of the bills, maintained the house, and raised their two boys. After searching for a job for quite some time, Collins finally landed a job with a prosperous company.

As Collins became acclimated in his key position with the firm, his wife and African lifestyle became less attractive. He allowed himself to become intimately involved with a co-worker and he eventually left his wife for the “other woman.”

The novelty of the new relationship wore off fairly quickly when he realized his new girlfriend didn’t cook and he found himself eating bread and butter  for dinner. The sexual relationship also waned and he eventually lost his job due to a few mistakes.

Soon after, his new girlfriend dumped him because without a job she considered him to be a liability. All alone and feeling like a fish out of water, Collins attempted to get his wife back.

Let’s Talk. “All That Glitters” is about infidelity and although it doesn’t offer a new twist on a common theme it’s still engrossing enough to watch.

Collins got “too big for his britches” when he finally got a job and he made the mistake of believing that the “grass was greener.” He met an educated woman at work and forgot that the reason his wife wasn’t educated was because she dropped out of school to give birth to his son. But Ini wasn’t blameless because she let herself go during the marriage. She no longer cared how she looked, didn’t get proper grooming, and Collins was no longer attracted to her.

The movie has a similar theme to the Ghana movie titled “Secret Burden” which raised the question of whether women should keep themselves attractive for their husbands or for themselves. Would it have been acceptable if Ini cheated on Collins because he was no longer handsome and had a potbelly? What’s your opinion?

As for performances Grace Johnson and Alexx Ekubo were front burner and their performances were believable for the most part. Alexx Ekubo gave a relaxed performance and there were scenes where he should have shown more emotion. The reasons that motivated his change in attitude was not clear but this may be a writing issue and not that of the actor, however there needed to be more of a visual transition from one level of thinking to the next. Since the “other woman” appeared to be “americanized” the writers should have focused a little more on her influence on Collins.

In terms of star power, Ini Edo was billed as the star OF the movie but she was more the star IN the movie because she played a very small role. 

In this case “All that Glitters’ turns out to be gold because this is a fairly decent movie. RECOMMEND

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