Welcome to the Official Talk African Movies website where we applaud the best African movies and “Eject” the rest.

TalkAfricanMovies.com was officially launched in October, 2013. It critiques African movies with a focus on Nollywood and Ghallywood.  The website serves as an interactive platform to keep dialogue about African movies open and ongoing. The fact that an audience can watch a movie and have completely different impressions breeds the core of this venture. It’s those vast perceptions that spark a conversation – conversations that producers should be privy to, which enables them insight to the thoughts of the buying public.  

This website reviews both old and current movies. We try to keep our commentary positive but it can sometimes be unfavorable. Our intent is certainly not to discredit the African movie industry; our goal is to provide constructive criticism. With a nip here and a tuck there we believe that the African Movie industry can catapult to new heights.

Take a look around. See how our rating system works and what movies are on the shelf. Feel free to chime in with your opinion and/or use this site to help pick the best African movies.


Yvette Lee


Email: talk@talkafricanmovies.com